Logic Primer Errata

Here are the known errata in the third edition of Logic Primer by Colin Allen and Michael Hand, published by The MIT Press, 2022.

Please send any additional error reports to prof.colin.allen@gmail.com

Special thanks to Amy Kind and her students at Claremont McKenna College for noticing many of these errors, as well as to Torin Alter for his contributions.

Page Description
xi The example proof at the top of the page was missing line (9) which should read
   (9)   P → R       from 8, discharge 6
20 The explanation of the annotation for wedge-elim should be m,n ⋁E
Line (3) in example (a) should read 1,2 ⋁E
21 In examples (b) and (c) at the top, both occurrences of &I should be ⋁I
In description and examples for wedge-intro, multiple occurrences of &E should be ⋁E
22 Example (a) line (3) should read 1,2 ⋁E
24 Example (b) line (5) should read 1,4⋁E
25 Ex. 2.1.1.i line (3) should be P&~Q
26 There should be no ____ space after P→~Q in line (1) of exercise item v.
32 S54 should have an asterisk, not S55. (See also p.112)
39 The columns in the example truth table should read (a)(d)(b)(c) from left to right.
55 A replication of item x in Exercise 4.1.1 was inadvertently tacked onto the end of item xi.
97 S125 contained what should have been the conclusion to S124 requiring conclusion restored to S124 and S126 renumbered as S125. (See also adjustment to p.155.)
103 2.2.1 iv line (4) should read 1↔E
112 The answer labeled S55 is actually S54. (See also p.32)
125 Annotation at line (34) should read 33 ⋁I
127 The truth value under R⋁~P in the first row of the truth table for item v should be T.
131 The answers to items vii and ix were incorrect. The correct answers are:
vii. P:T Q:F R:T S:F T:T or F
ix. P:T Q:T R:F S:T T:F
150 The answers to 6.1.1.iv should contain → instead of ↔.
155 Renumbering of answers to S125 and S126 to S122 and S125.